Social Media

We have years of social media experience and will happily create a social media profile that best suits you, your business and your customers. Once created we can link  your social media feed into your website, if you have one, to generate even more traffic.

As with our e-commerce sites your social media platforms will be designed by our brand designer and then our web designers will build them for you. If you opt for a fully managed package we will schedule updates to make sure your message reaches the largest audience possible.

Annual management charges range from £150 to £2,500, that’s a maximum of £48 per week for all of your social media needs.

Daily UpdatesWe will schedule updates to make sure there is always something new every day.
Products UploadedIf you want to have your products promoted on your social media profiles then we can do that for you.
Images HostingBy hosting your product images we are able to create media rich pages which will make your profile stand out from the crowd.
IntegrationWe can integrate your social media profiles with each other and with your website.
PromotionAs part of a managed service we will continually work to achieve more followers and more viral distribution of your updates.

Social media profiles are included for clients who have opted for any of our other services.

For further information or to have a demonstration please contact us.