Management Tools

We create web based business management tools which allow you to manage your business from anywhere in the world, without the need for expensive and inconvenient programs being installed on your hardware.

Our business tools are built to interact with each other in the form of modules. Each module is built around you and your needs and when placed with other modules forms a fully comprehensive management tool.

If you have a web enabled device and access to the internet you can use any of our specially designed tools.

Our tools are designed to help you manage your business and to protect your interests.

ModuleHigh Level DescriptionDependency
Stock ManagementDay to day stock management
SOR Tracking
Auto re-ordering
EOY Stock holding reporting
Sales ManagementStore and E-commerce sales recording
Customer Orders
SOR Sales Manifest
Sales Delivery Management
Stock Management Module
Staff ManagementStaff Scheduling
Holiday Management
Attendance Management
Sickness/Absence Leave Management
Performance Management
Personal Development Plans
Customer Relations ManagementTrack all contact
Review historical sales
Record customer preferences
E-marketingSchedule e-shots
Target campaigns
Monitor campaign success
CRM Module, Sales Management
AccountsReporting for sales, stock, salary and shrinkage
Full profit and loss accounting
Stock Management Module, Sales Management Module
Performance ReportingReporting functions across all modulesStock, Sales, Staff or CRM Module
Project ManagementMulti stream project management
Task delegation and escalation
Live monitoring of status

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