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Management Tools

We create web based business management tools which allow you to manage your business from anywhere in the world, without the need for expensive and inconvenient programs being installed on your hardware.

Our business tools are built to interact with each other in the form of modules. Each module is built around you and your needs and when placed with other modules forms a fully comprehensive management tool.

If you have a web enabled device and access to the internet you can use any of our specially designed tools.

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Aerial Photography

Using state of the art drone technology we are able to capture otherwise impossible shots and creative captivating video footage.

Our videos are all shot in HD, are edited to sit seamlessly within your website and are produced to reflect your business.

Whether you would like a flypast of your business premises or to showcase your products in their natural surroundings then we will be able to offer the solution.

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We build innovative websites that fully support your personal or business vision.

From the first day we build a close relationship with you so we can be part of your team, not an external contractor.

Everything we do is based on a complete understanding of who you are, where you are and where you want to be. From this understanding we design a web solution with the knowledge that it will be exactly what you and your business needs to realise your vision.

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We offer a full e-commerce service from design to the day to day management of sales and stock holding.

Your e-commerce site will be designed around your products by our brand designer and not our team of web designers. By using our designer’s knowledge we can make sure that your customers connect with your products in the most natural and empathetic way.

We are able to offer structured payment plans to help you get your e-commerce site launched so you can start to receive revenue from them as quickly as possible.

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Product Photography

With the global marketplace becoming the preferred first stop for shoppers your products need to be displayed as best as they can.

Our team of photographers are based throughout the UK ensuring that your products are photographed so they can be showcased in their best possible light.

We don’t do weddings, portraits or events we just specialise in high volume, low cost, high quality product photography which can be done anywhere within the supply chain.

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Social Media

We have years of social media experience and will happily create a social media profile that best suits you, your business and your customers. Once created we can linkĀ  your social media feed into your website, if you have one, to generate even more traffic.

Social media profiles are included for clients who have opted for any of our other services but we are able to offer design, build and support packages if you just want to promote your business through these channels.

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We design automated e-marketing solutions to maximise on campaign potential without jeopardising your relationship with your customers through sending irrelevant or unwanted emails.

Our solutions can send one email to one client or multiple emails to thousands and anything in between. Using the built in sending rules we can make sure that no client receives more than one email within a specified period of time and that what they receive is based on their interests.

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We build Graphical Information Systems that allow you to see your data in a way that makes sense.

Our systems have been used in Local Government to analyse citizen interaction, service demand and service delivery failure. We have also supplied bespoke systems to multi chain outlets to allow them to see where expansion would be best.

Linking the GIS system with our emarketing program ensures you maximise the penetration of any marketing strategy.

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The core strength of any successful business is a sound and tested business process covering all aspects of how the business operates.

Mapping the processes of a business allows for seamless change management ensuring all processes are taken into account.

Process mapping can be a lengthy and complexed task. With over 20 years experience reviewing and documenting business processes we have the knowledge to help resolve any hiccups.

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Our Service Levels

We confirm Service Level Agreements with every client so we all know how quickly something needs to be done when a request is made. These SLAs have allowed us to provide excellent customer service and to manage expectations throughout. To find out more about our SLA charter see our Performance page.

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